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Erotic Tarot Storytime- Align Your Chakras

Her empathic nature could sense the stress seeping from his pores.

Desiring to make it all better, she climbs on top of her grouchy lover.

Kissing him all over his face playfully, begging him to let her know what was up with him.

As sexy as his seriousness was, the heavy expression of his eyebrows and the slight pout of his lips somewhat turned her on, still it bothered her.

Knowing her man like she knew the lyrics to her favorite song, something was definitely wrong.

Her healing nature empathized with his pain.

Lightly tapping his chest, she rises up and says, “You know what that’s it, babe. I know what will turn this frown upside down.”

He replies, “Oh, Word ?”

In a sassy, but reassuring tone she replies to him, “I’m gonna align them damn chakras !”

As he’s laughing to himself, because he knew she wasn’t playing and he adored the attentiveness of his Goddess.

He just didn’t realize what he was truly in for.

She returns to the room dressed in nothing, but her robe with a bottle of rose oil in one hand. The lights are dim, orchid scented candles lit with the haze of burning incenses.

He lays back on the bed, down to his briefs.

As she picks his feet up towards her, intending to assist with grounding his displaced energies. Removing the tension from his body, rubbing his feet with intense strength combined with loving intent. The foot massage was equivalent to a 5 star professional masseuse. She asks, “Better ?”

Jokingly, he responds “I’ve had better..”

She slaps his legs in a playful manner, getting up to drop her robe before him and then climbing onto the bed.

Her hands glide up his legs, making way towards his briefs. Discovering the solid phallus. There was an intention with every stroke of her hand. Locking eyes with her man to ensure him his pleasure meant hers too.

A planted kiss to the heart chakra where his heartbeats.

Her lips make way from his chest down to his stomach with soft, and deep kisses as if she were following a pathway.

Taking in all of his hard phallus gently and slowly, while she breathes in his fears, material stress and self doubts. She transmutes these energies with each suck and stroke of her moist, warm mouth.

She ignites the creativity and passion within him, letting him know he is the king of his reality and capable of all he desires.

Caressing his stomach as she orally pleases him to ignite his inner strength which had been wounded from past experiences.

Her dainty hands brought him peace, healing and comfort.

Looking up at him to see his inner conflicts dissipate, a tense body to then flow and receive the care he deserved and deeply longed for.

She stops just before he cums, to preserve the energy they’ve built up.

Frustrated for now, but he will soon learn why the security of his sacred nut was needed.

Aligning their chakras up together as she rides him face to face.

She burns off his trauma and residue of guilt with every bounce and whine. Causing a vibration and pulsating sensation from her deep yoni to his Godly wood. He is safe in between her legs from the cruelty of his world.

Meeting heart to heart to feel all of her love, through her nurturing touch and sensual embrace.

Holding him closer to her, wrapping her arms and legs around him.

Breathing into him as she looks into his eyes.

Kissing one another slowly as their lips share a sacred dance.

Speaking love into him, letting him know her passion and desire was for him only.

“I love you”, flows poetically throughout her heart escaping her lips.

With each and every grind she reassures him he is loved. Rubbing his back to express her devoted support of him, as she trusts him and as he can always trust her.

He receives a deep and enduring forehead kiss, in order to let him know that she hears him, that she is deeply aware of his joys and pains he carried from every lifetime.

Showing him that she understands and innerstands him as he grows through his life journey. Breathing clarity into him.

He pulls her closer as the intimacy builds up between them, signaling to her he is open to his vulnerability.

Stroking his hair and scalp, as her she grazes his face with adoration.

For she can foresee the visions of his purpose. She believes in him.

Her body slowly dances in a serpent like motion, creating an intense fire within their physically bodies. No awareness of the room they’re in.

Where her body begins and where his ends, is undetectable.

They are lost within the dimension they have created, completely forgetting that they are two separate bodies.

Having an outer body experience, their souls merge as one being.

An euphoric presence swirls around them, as they’re bodies shake and vibrate with an indescribable pleasure of all the senses.

Moans that could make heaven and earth shake, tears streaming that can purify any sinners past and heartbeats that could cause their bodies to combust.

He holds her close to him with such a sweetness and protectiveness.

Followed by a kiss to her left temple, they lay in each other’s arms side by side, it is home.

For the first time he had experienced a true alignment within himself. - Chenoa Hill aka Walu Child


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