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Erotic Tarot Storytime- Make Me Forget

Erotic Tarot Storytime- Make Me Forget (3 of Cups) (Cancer)

The freshly single 32 year old Woman, prepares for her Saturday filled with baby shower festivities for her dearest best friend.

Not in the mood to socialize, finding a decent outfit was the furthest priority from her mind. Finally, opting for a flirty button down pink floral dress with thigh high tights.

It was the spring in New York, and the weather was fair not too warm and not chilling cold.

The party was held in a beautiful outdoor venue, with cherry blossoms adoring the trees and pink and blue lantern lights stringed above.

She preps the decorations and tables, as she slips away daydreaming to escape her current heartache of breaking off her engagement with her high school sweetheart.

Entranced by her thoughts, she didn't see her glowing bestie sneak up behind her.

Solemnly she asks, "Are you okay, I'm sure this isn't the best time for you to be celebrating ?" Her best friend states. Cheerfully she replies, "Trust me I'm fine, plus I'm happy for you and can't wait to meet my niece and nephew !" Rubbing her 7 month pregnant friends tummy, carry twins. A boy and a girl.

Ms. Freshly Single wasn't much of the social type. She's much more comfortable chilling off in the corner of the party, sipping from her wine glass while she watches her best friend and loved ones bursts of laughter and seemingly over joy.

Never realizing until now, that she had become the focal point to a fine young server eyes.

Startled by his unexpected presence behind her, he asks " Why aren't you enjoying the celebration ? Something must be bothering you." , he assumes.

"Naa, I'm not much of a social butterfly and besides.. never mind ", she replies as she almost slips up and shares her business of just breaking things off with her fiancé.

The server encourages her to open up by expressing what was aching her.

Sharing her misfortunate love story, he extends his condolences and ask if she wants to step away to join him for a smoke break.

Joining him, a vivid fantasy of them fucking slips into her consciousness for what felt like an eternity, but truly a split second. Sharing puffs of his blunt, sitting side by side on a bench just a short distance away from the festivities. The servers hand slowly begins to slide across her thigh. Looking him into his yes, inviting more of his sensuous touch.

Kissing one another with deep, passion and intensity. A sense of guilt, fear, pain and pleasure flash through her entire being at once. Her heart aching thinking about her loss, brought out an aggression of sexual expression.

Directing the party server to take his hands a bit further, with one hand to her breasts and the other on her panty line .

They get up from the bench and back into a corner where there was an abandoned yet decorated table, awaiting them.

Unbuttoning her dress, he discovers she's bra less and proceeds to remove her blush pink panties. Leaving her in nothing, but her thigh high stockings and heels.

Pulling her back towards his chest, she wraps her arms around his neck as he kisses and bites her exposed neck. The scent of his hardworking sweat dripping off of his forehead is like an aphrodisiac for her.

Sliding his hand up against her kitty cat, creating a heavy wetness as he takes turns teasing each of her breasts one at a time with one hand, creating the rhythm between twisting and rubbing. Inviting his fingers into her pulsating kitten, she can feel his manhood rise behind her ass as she grinds on him. Moaning, he tells her, to shut the fuck because her people might hear her.

In a defiant way she continues to express her pleasure louder, forcing him to grip her by the mouth in order to smother her moans.

Directing him to pull his hard wood out, she turns around to assist him. He throws her onto the table with her face down, as he spreads her ass apart, he enters her yoniverse.

Bouncing off one another, he pounds her harder, playing with her clit and her breasts. Wrapping her arms around his ass in order to force him deeper and stronger.

They loose themselves in that moment, as the party guests have no clue what is taking place over the loud old school music and their genuine laughter.

She begs him to fuck her ex off of her mind.

Reciprocating, he bangs her back out as she taps out all over the table, he grips her behind her neck to pull her back towards him, signaling he wanted her to take some more. It was as if she took a shot of red bull and Vodka the way her energy bursts right back up. Throwing her ass back on his long stick and looking back at him, she thanks him and climaxes.

The next day, she deleted her exes pictures, texts messages, number and burned all the shit that he left her, so you know the fuck was real. -IndigoxxxDream

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