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This Weeks Erotic Tarot Storytime 9/18/19

This weeks Erotic Tarot Storytime, is inspired by tarot card 7 of pentacles.

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Five Star Favorite (7 of Pentacles) (Taurus)

After quite a bit of convincing, she decided to let him finally take her out while he's in town. Promising her she would never regret taking up his offer. How could she, he bribed her with the chance to eat at her dream restaurant downtown that overlooks the city. She would soon experience how she too would become his fantasy dish.

She is enchanted by the restaurants choice of Venetian style, the room is lit with perfect lighting, not too bright and not too dim, just enough to still see the city lights from the large window of the restaurant. The soft jazz playing in the background, the aroma of grill smoke and faint chuckles from fellow couples in the restaurant helps to dissipate some of the awkwardness between them.

Sitting across the table from one another, he tries to open her up to him by complementing her on the silk mid length dress she is wearing, and asking her how was she enjoying her dinner. Unamused by the conversation, "It's good and thank you", she replied. It wasn't due to her not being attracted to him, because he could definitely get it. He had everything going for him, all of her friends were jealous to hear that he invited her out on a date, let alone to one of the top 5 star restaurants in the country.

He lacked depth in her eyes.

She wasn't impressed by the handsome face, pearly smile, Benz nor the Ferraris, or how many women he had pining over him, not even where he's traveled. It took a lot to impress her, you'd have to feel into her energy. Pay attention to what she's saying without speaking, fine tune into her frequency, and study her to a science.

Enamored by how she took her time tasting her Sauvignon Blanc, the way she looked while licking her lips and gently wiping the flavor of her meal off of her lips with one finger. Placing her index finger into her mouth, she looks up to see him tracing her with his eyes, as if she was the finest piece of art he's every laid his eyes upon.

"I want to taste you", slips from his lips. She giggles, not sure if he was serious. The look on his face, and by the way he never took his eyes off of hers surely let her know that he was very serious. She responds, with a slight smirk while crossing her arms,

" Oh, really what makes you believe you're privileged enough to even smell my pussy, love ?

He laughs, as their attractive waitress comes back with a very pricey tab. Witnessing him and the waitress exchange flirty remarks, would usually enrage her at the thought of another woman having the audacity to flirt with her date right in front of her, but it strangely turned her on. Just to see how he had a way with women, made her wet. While he is distracted charming the waitress and reaching for his wallet, she discreetly removes her panties from underneath the table. She stands up to excuse herself from the table, and let's him know she'll meet him outside, but not before she drops her red La Perla thong on his lap. She looks back, walking away as if she's working a runway, swaying her hips back and forth.

On their way back to his suite, no words are exchanged between them, just the sounds of heavy wind from the speed of his Ferrari gracing the streets and a trap r&b playlist playing faintly on the radio.

Walking through the door, she throws his back against the wall meeting eye to eye, chest to chest and mouth to mouth. He pushes her back up against the wall behind her, intoxicated by each other's scent they could barely breath. He slowly kisses her lips, as he grabs her ass. Right before he grips her dress to pull it up, she aggressively snatches his hands off of her.

She inserts her two fingers into her Pussy, raising them up for him to smell her rare luscious scent, she giggles and smirks. Then inserting them into her own mouth, as if she was teasing him with a piece of candy.

With much force he grabs her, picking her up while carrying her to the bed. Throwing her down, he strips down to his briefs. She begins to undress herself, until there's nothing left, but bare skin laced with a diamond belly chain wrapped around her waist.

Kissing her from head to toe, he takes his time getting to know her holy temple. He lays back on the bed, at this point begging her to sit on his face. Riding his face forward and backwards, she glides her pussy lips across his soft full lips.

She gets wetter by hearing his moans as they vibrate through her candy walls, seeing his hard dick and the precum seeping through his briefs. She grinds harder, and slowly with a whining motion. The moans between them elevate, the more he switches up the rhythm of his tongue work and rubbing her nipples and finger fucking her. Not wanting to waste a single taste, he sucks her off of his fingers each time.

She leans forward to twerk her ass on his face, while he's smacking her ass and pressing her clit down to meet in between his lips. Going damn near insane, he pulls his long stick out to stroke himself. Utterly turned on just by tasting her, as she continues to drip, he's hooked off her and not ready to stop eating the sweet nectar until she splashes all over. Wanting to return the favor she leans over to suck the tip of him, while he continues to jerk himself off.

They complete their mission on the red lounge chair in the corner of the suite. Gathering fruit, honey, chocolate and wine to lick off of each other. Finally, she reaches her explosion all over his face, as he sips every drop, licking her clean and dry. Kissing her yoni, her thighs, then to her lips. She commands him to let off in her mouth, she cocks her head back and sticks her tongue out to receive.

She easily became his favorite 5 star meal.. -Chenoa (IndigoxxxDream)

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